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I'm a Jean Monnet Professor of Citizenship Education in Europe. I'm also an Emeritus Professor at London Metropolitan University, where I still supervise some research students.

I was the first Director of Institute for Policy STudies in Education (IPSE), from 2000 to 2009, and also established the Children's Identity and Citizenship in Europe Academic Network for the European Commission in 1998, and directed this till 2008.

My interests are in researching and promoting policies for social justice and equity in education, including work on

  • how young people learn about and actively participate in society ('citizenship education'),


  • how they identify with particular locations and institutions (including their country and Europe);


  • achieving representative education professions, and


  • ensuring access and achievement in education for all social groups.

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On this website you will find information on


  • the progress of my current major project, on how young people in Western Europe construct their locational identities - with respect to their town, region, country/nation, Europe and beyond. This complements my previous study (2010-213) of young people in the 'new' Europe.


  • my previous project, constructing identities in the 'new' Europe. This studies 11-19 year olds in the countries that joined the European Union from 2004, and the Candidate countries. My book on this is published in the summer of 2014 by Routledge.


  • Other research projects I'm currently engaged on. as part of my work for the Institute in Policy Studies in Education at London Metropolitan.


  • Some of my previous research projects.


  • My publications and cv, which includes links to book titles, some videos of public presentations, and so on.


About the institutions I'm affiliated with

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The Institute for Policy Studies in Education

IPSE is a groundbreaking research institute in London Metropolitan University with a unique focus on education for social justice.

All the education research at the University has been rated having an impact that is either world leading (4*) or as internationally excellent (3*) in the UK Universities Research Excellence Framework (2014). This places IPSE as one of the UK's leading educational research units. I was the first Director of IPSE from 2000 to 2009, and I am now attached to it as a part-time researcher.



Children’s Identity and Citizenship in Europe

The Cice Academic network, supported by the European Commission's Life Long Learning programme, is a network of about 100 universities from 30 countries, who share an interest in the way in which young people and children learn about citizenship in the European context. I established and coordinated the network from 1998 to 2008.


The CiC European Network is an independent Association, financed by individual and institutional subscriptions. It has its own academic journal, awards research grants and research centres across Europe. We started this in 2006 - we now have over 140 members.


Understanding the Construction of Identities by Young New Europeans: Kaleidoscopic Identities


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Future Citizens: 21st century challenges for young people


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What’s fair? Young Europeans’ constructions of equity, altruism and self-interest


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Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona Press 2010




A European Education


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Teachers’ and Pupils’ Constructions of Competition and Cooperation: A three country study of Slovenia, Hungary and England


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